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Monday, November 14, 2005
  Lockout link archive

Bring back the real


Tod Maffin's
CBCunplugged Lockout Coverage
(Note links on this list are from Tod Maffin)

The Two Sides


"Advocating for all CBC Freelancers", Toronto producer, researcher
"CBC Drone", Toronto
"Dilettante", Toronto
"EmployéJetable", Ottawa
"Ouimet", Toronto manager
"Pedro the Gnome"
"Slushpile", Vancouver
"Totuber", Toronto TV
"Workerbee", Toronto
"Yvan", Vancouver
Aigle, Toronto IT
Alex, Toronto
Alison, Winnipeg reporter
Andrea, Prince George AP
Anonymous, Toronto Producer/Researcher
Anonymous, Toronto writer
Anonymous, Yellowknife
Anynoymous, Vancouver TV
August, Toronto researcher
Brett, Windsor VJ
CMG St. John's
Cindy, Yellowknife reporter
Dan, Windsor AP
Darb, Toronto VJ
Darryl, Nova Scotia tech
Don, Vancouver food columnist
Edmonton transmitter crew
Hadeel, Ottawa AP
Jennifer, Regina
John, St. John's
John, Toronto
John, Vancouver News/CA
John, Vancouver contract producer
Justin, Toronto
Lynne, Edmonton French TV producer
Mark, Halifax researcher
Matt W, Toronto
Nancy, PEI radio reporter
Pary, Toronto kids producer
Philly, Toronto freelance host
Prince George staff
Robin, Toronto online news
Shelagh, Host of Sounds Like Canada
Stephanie, Edmonton TV producer
Tania, Toronto
Tessa, Toronto online producer
Tod, Vancouver contract producer
Tom, Toronto freelance writer
Tom, Toronto freelancer
qiqitiqpuq, Rankin Inlet, Nunavut
'cbclockout' on
'cbclockout' on
'cbcunplugged' on Technorati
Andree, Edmonton reporter
Angie, Saskatoon
Benoît, Vancouver
Bob, Edmonton engineer
CMG Manitoba
CMG Winnipeg
Denis, Vancouver
HiMY, Toronto
Phyl, Toronto
Robert, Vancouver
Steve, Halifax ENG
Ted, Regina
Terry, Edmonton
CMG Regional Sites
CMG Calgary
CMG Edmonton
CMG Fredericton
CMG Halifax
CMG Manitoba
CMG North
CMG Northern NB
CMG Ottawa
CMG Regina
CMG Saskatoon
CMG St. John's
CMG Sudbury
CMG Thunder Bay
CMG Vancouver
CMG Victoria
CMG Victoria blog
GCM nord du Nouveau-Brunswick

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