Groundhog day

In the last blog, I mentioned that a friend and I went to have a relaxing day at Humber Bay West park in the west end of Toronto.

The most interesting moments were late in the afternoon. Sitting quietly at  a picnic table, I noticed a groundhog stick a nose out of the long grass.  Kept very quiet, except of course, of the click of the camera mirror.  Turns out there was a family of three groundhogs nibbling away at the grass. 

After about half an hour, one groundhog was just about a metre from the table, munching on a leaf.

A groundhog sticks a nose out from a grassy trail  .


The family of groundhogs enjoys the lush, delicious, summer grass.

130-groundhog1.jpgA groundhog munches on a juicy  leaf.

A red-winged blackbird in a tree at Humber Bay Park

A red-winged black bird in the clover.

133-bird2.jpgAnother bird in the grass at Humber Bay Park.(Not sure which bird, let me know in the comments)

134-flowers1a.jpgThe setting sun shines through the wild flowers at Humber Bay West Park. 

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