Photos of my ocean view

From my new house in Kitimat, British Columbia, I can see  from my front windows, the Kitimat Arm of the Douglas Channel framed by nearby mountains.

One of the many reasons that I chose to move back to my old home town, to build my new career as independent photographer, was that Kitimat is really a place of ever changing light.  The Pacific winds bring weather up the channel, creating microclimates  on each peak and each beach. Thus one moment you can have heavy overcast, a few minutes later scattered cloud,  followed by sun, followed by black clouds and a torrential downpour.

A couple of days ago, during that major rainstorm that pounded the west coast for days, there was one of those breaks, where the sun suddenly shone through.  So I decided to walk, rather than drive, to the local gym (a photographer hiker has to be in shape) and grabbed a couple of shots from a park a few steps from my house.
Of course, as I was walking back from the gym, the ocean squall returned full force and I was soaked by the time I got home.
But that shot gave me an idea. As I have said in previous blog posts, I always carry my Lumix FZ28 in a fanny pack, so for the past few days,as I walk to or from the gym,  I stopped at the viewpoint and grabbed a few shots,  hand held (against recommendations) and then using Photshop CS5 merged them into large (20 to 40 inch ) panaromas.  Here are the web versions.

199-Douglas-Channel_Panorama2-processed-thumb-475x195-198.jpgThis dark, menacing sky is somewhat misleading. As I came home from the gym, on what had been a beautiful day, the skies darkened with dark clouds.  But it was the opposite of the other day, the clouds blew over and the afternoon sun was soon shining again.

202-Douglas-Channel_Panorama_processed-thumb-475x126-201.jpgThe panorama in afternoon light.

205-Douglaschannel_Panorama7-cropped-thumb-475x82-204.jpgThe panorama in mid-morning light.

208-Douglas-Channel-Panorama6-thumb-475x124-207.jpgDouglas Channel about the same time as the previous photo, on the following day.

(All photos pop as larger versions)


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