Snow day in Kitimat


Kitimat, in the language of the neighboring Tshimshian  First Nation means “people of the snow,” and Kitimat businesses often call themselves Snow Valley.  And the area has set records for one day snowfall in Canada. 

Monday Dec. 13, 2010 was not much, just 30 centimetres, and people pretty well kept going about their business, just as people did more than 40 years ago when I was growing up here.

Monday is my administration day and a power failure in the afternoon interrupted my work, so I didn’t run the errands I was planning. I did dig out my driveway twice, and will have to do it a third time (at least) in the morning.  

I know much of the eastern part of North America is socked in by the storm there.  As for me, after I finished digging out the driveway, walked around the neighborhood with the camera and enjoyed the beauty of the heavy wet snow.

View the slideshow of Kitimat snow

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