Thanksgiving Dinner at my feeders

Robin Rowland 

So I had some interesting visitors at my bird feeders for Thanksgiving Dinner today.


I think this is a gorgeous male red winged blackbird.

570-2bidsDSC00261.jpgThe redwinged blackbird and his mate on my deck beam.

571-BB_DSC00335.jpgThe BC redwinged blackbird is is somewhat different from the birds I photographed in Ontario, that at first I didn’t recognize it.  This bird has a yellow tuft and the red isn’t as prominent, so that is why I am not certain (Comments please if I need a correction)

572-bbbird2.jpgThis female does look like the red-winged blackbirds in my bird books.

573-stellarjayoct10.jpgThe stellar jays that live in the cedar trees around my house are regular visitors.

574-crow1.jpgA crow prances on my deck.

Earlier on the weekend

And there were visitors who were also my guests for an earlier dinner.

A northern flicker samples the suet.


The northern flicker perches on top of the suet feeder.

577-crowoct3.jpgAnother crow at the suet.


Dark-eyed or Oregon juncos at the suet feeder.

579-savannahsparrow.jpgA Savannah sparrow samples the suet.


The local stellar jays on the deck feeder.

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Robin Rowland