Remembrance Day 2013 in Kitimat, BC

Remembrance Day 2013 in Kitimat, BC

Merle Archer salutes at the Remembrance Day ceremony

The annual Remembrance Day ceremony at the Kitimat Cenotaph attracted a larger crowd in the cold this November 11, probably because there are now more people in town. Another addition were participants from Kitimat’s new army cadet corps. Above Legion Member Merle Archer salutes after reading “In Flanders Fields” during the Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Kitimat Cenotaph.

Army cadet at Remembrance Day

An army cadet was a member of the Guard of Honour. (Robin Rowland)

Canadian Ranger

A member of the Canadian Rangers was also among the Guard of Honour. (Robin Rowland)

Colour party at Remembrance Day

The Colour Party at the Cenotaph during the Kitimat Remembrance Day ceremonies. (Robin Rowland)

Eagle over the Cenotaph

An eagle flies over the Kitimat Cenotaph during the two minutes of silence, a fitting substitute for the air force missing man flight. (Robin Rowland)

Geese fly over the Remembrance Day ceremony

A few minutes later, a flock of wild geese also flew over the Remembrance Day ceremony. (Robin Rowland)

Joanne Monaghan

Kitimat mayor Joanne Monaghan lays a wreath during the Remembrance Day ceremony. (Robin Rowland)

Kitimat continued its tradition of having children lay wreathes on behalf of those who are unable to attend the ceremony.

Boy lays wreath

A boy prepares to lay a wreath. (Robin Rowland)

Cubs lay wreathes.

Cubs lay wreathes at the Cenotaph. (Robin Rowland)

Cub lays a wreath.

A cub lays a wreath at the Kitimat cenotaph. (Robin Rowland)

Girl lays wreath at the cenotaph

A girl lays a wreath at the Cenotaph. (Robin Rowland)

A new tradition began in Kitimat began this year, when people adopted the practice which began at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa of leaving poppies on the cenotaph.

Leaving poppies at the cenotaph

Men leave their poppies on the Kitimat cenotaph after the Remembrance Day ceremony. (Robin Rowland)


The poppies left on the cenotaph. (Robin Rowland)