Ronald Searle Cholera

Ronald Searle died Friday, Dec. 30, 2011 at his home in Draguignan, in southeastern France. He was 91. When the news of Searle’s death was released today, Jan. 3, 2012, most of the world’s media paid tribute to Searle as one of Great Britain’s best contemporary cartoonists, the creator of the nasty girls at St. […]

Toronto Executive Committee will soon consider eliminating Toronto’s vital night public transportation service.  (Robin Rowland) Memo to: Toronto Mayor Rob  Ford, the Executive Committee and TPS Chief Bill Blair The Toronto Transportation Commission calls the overnight bus service the Blue Night Network.  But for more than 30 years the outbound buses that move out of […]

A quarter century ago, the US State Department had its own analog, paper-based Wiki that covered almost every diplomatic dispatch going back centuries, millions of three by five inch index cards. And that tells a story  more complicated than the current Wikileaks data dump. My story for CBC News Online Don’t mistake WikiLeaks for how […]

Ever since I was a little kid, and because my name is Robin, I have always admired my junior namesake of that dynamic duo, Batman and Robin. Now with Wikileaks, and probably, only a Robin would notice this, the U.S. State Department seems to be seeking humint  (human  intelligence) from the bat cave. Two stories […]

Snow began falling in Kitimat, BC, for the first time this winter, at about 9 in the morning Pacific Time. and by the time the residents gathered 90 minutes later for the Remembrance Day ceremony at the cenotaph, it was still snowing. A photo gallery of a small town Remembrance ceremony.  In Kitimat, children lay […]

The media has  been in a big flap recently about the so-called mystery missile that a KCBS cameraman shot off the coast of California.   The experts now say the missile launch was most likely a contrail  of an aircraft,  an optical illusion created by the setting sun, but as David Martin of CBS News […]

I haven’t been blogging that much in the past several months, while I was selling my house in Toronto and moving to British Columbia and then settling in. With most of that completed, I am now resuming my various focused blogs. As well: Essay for The Kitimat Northern Sentinel A different vision of Kitimat’s future […]

A U.S. federal judge stuck down the American ban on gays in the military on Sept. 9. 2010. District Judge  Virginia Phillips ruled  that policy of don’t ask don’t tell was a violation  of the US First Amendment that gives Americans freedom of speech (pretty obvious once you think of it) And speaking of free […]

This morning’s Globe and Mail has a real investigative scoop, but apparently they don’t realize it. As most Canadians know by now the government wants to make the census long form voluntary rather than mandatory, which everyone who has any expertise in statistics knows, will destroy the validity of the survey.  The head of Statistics […]