Researching on the Internet

Researching on the Internet

By Robin Rowland and Dave Kinnaman


Researching on the Intenet

Make the Internet Work the Way You Work!

Researching on the Internet is unlike any other Internet book you’ve seen before. It reveals how to conduct research on the Internet by using all the resources available from universities, libraries, commercial domains and file storage sites.

Whether you’re a student writing a term paper, a journalist on a deadline or a business person looking for new resources, this is the book you will need.

Researching on the Internet contains tips specifically for researchers. It tells you how to conduct an interview by e-mail, fimd material, handle legal problems and how to focus your research and get the right answers.

This is not a “quick hit” book that merely tells you about Gopher and Web sites.

Researching on the Internet shows you how to handle real-life problems of Internet research.

Released November 1, 1995


Published by Prima Publishers

Publication date: November 1,1995