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I haven’t been blogging that much in the past several months, while I was selling my house in Toronto and moving to British Columbia and then settling in. With most of that completed, I am now resuming my various focused blogs.

As well:

Essay for The Kitimat Northern Sentinel

A different vision of Kitimat’s future

My ideas on the how concept of a creative class can help a small town.

Recent Photo blogs

Fall colours in Kitimat

Firefighters battle house fire

My ocean view

Tao of News

Garbage in  Garbage Out: How bad data will cripple the future of news

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Is it Kitimat or Star Trek’s Delta-Vega?

“There’s something familiar about this place.” I was on a bus tour of Kitimat’s giant $40 billion LNG Canada facility on Saturday, July 8. I’ve never been on site, but had this strange feeling I had seen it before. The LNG Canada Liguified Natural Gas project, is the largest industrial construction project in Canadian historythe […]

Robin Rowland 
ADD journalism

BBC Panoroma uses “ADHD Face” in what appears to be a second apparently unethical and disgraceful “investigation”

  UPDATE THREE 1531 Pacific Time May 15, 2023 The UK ADHD Foundation has issued a statement Response to BBC Panorama “Private ADHD Clinics Exposed” As I suspected, Panorama failed to reach out the ADHD community groups in the UK. This is a major failure of journalistic ethics: Whilst we welcome responsible and informed television […]

Robin Rowland