Star Wars #ourgreatindoors

The #ourgreatindoors concept came about during the Covid-19 pandemic when outdoor photographers were stuck in their homes and recreated images of the outdoors by using anything they could find around the house. I decided to use the same concept using my Star Wars Micromachines figures.

The idea was featured on CBS News Sunday Morning. (video autoplays) based mainly on the work of photographer Erin Sullivan. As CBS’s Conor Knighton, reported: “When COVID-19 hit, all of travel photographer Erin Sullivan’s far-flung gigs dried up. So, the woman known as “Erin Outdoors” began recreating the great outdoors indoors, turning her Los Angeles apartment into imaginative landscapes made out of spaghetti, vegetables, sugar or tinfoil. Her Instagram photo series, #OurGreatIndoors, has inspired other homebound travel buffs to imagine vistas of their own in miniature.”

Sullivan’s website Erin Outdoors.

Here are my inspired photographs.

Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker battle in the Death Star in the Empire Strikes Back. In this case, the Death Star is actually the interior of my dishwasher. (Robin Rowland)
Darth Vader takes on his son, Luke Skywalker, in the Death Star. (Robin Rowland)
A closer image of the two Hasbro Star Wars Micromachines figures of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. (Robin Rowland)
Finn, Rey and BB8 cross the desert of Jakku. Actually the arm of my sofa. (Robin Rowland)
BB8, Rey and Finn on the desert of Jakku as the Force Awakens. (Robin Rowland)

A vintage toy wooly mammoth

A wooly mammoth in the snow (Robin Rowland)

My latest vintage toy repaint, a 1950s Louis Marx Toys wooly mammoth, photographed in the first day of snow in Kitimat, BC, December 8, 2918. (Normally we get snow in the first week of November not the second week of December)

The wooly mammoth (Robin Rowland)
The wooly mammoth (Robin Rowland)

More toy dinosaur photos

Some images of dinosaurs from a toy photo class I taught in July.

Triceratops (vintage Louis Marx toy) (Robin Rowland)

A brontosaurus (as it was still called in the 1950s). Another vintage Louis Marx toy from the1950s. (Robin Rowland)

A pachycephalorsaurus on a rock. Not sure who manufactured this one, a student brought to the class (Robin Rowland)