Mt. Elizabeth/Mt. Bolton/Lax¯ukw

Mt. Elizabeth/Mt. Bolton/Lax¯ukw is the iconic mountain overlooking Kitmat, British Columbia.

The original name  given by the Haisla Nation in their x̄á’islak̓ala language “Lax¯ukw” (also more accurately spelled “láx̄exʷ ” which not all computer unicode fonts accept) means “Boulder Mountain” in English. Haisla Elder and writer Gordon Robinson wrote in his book Tales of the Kitamaat,  “In the olden days, the mountain goats were so numerous that they looked like masses of boulders.”

Mount Bolton comes from Haisla Hemas (chief) John Bolton who climbed the mountain and whose family had traditional ownership of the mountain watershed.

The early settlers and missionaries called it Mt. Elizabeth, after Elizabeth Anderson one of the first white children to live in the valley. (not as some local legends say,  the late Queen Elizabeth II, who had come to the throne at the time the Kitimat townsite was under construction)

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