Photo printing



Prints from your photographs or images

Post processing and colour correction from your supplied digital image $75.00 an hour. (Usually takes 15 minutes, 15 minute minimum)

Scanning of negatives or slides. Ask for an estimate, price includes scanning, removing dust and scratches and colour correction.

Prints (after correction or if correction is not needed).

Prints from photos by Robin Rowland

The same prices apply to prints from photos I take for clients or for my own websites.  These images have already been post processed and colour corrected. For commercial clients printing charges are in addition to day rates and rights fees.

(News photos taken for media clients can be obtained from those clients).

Those prints are personal, family or company internal use only and may not be passed on to any other person or organization without a signed agreement or permission of the photographer.

(Note: Fine art prints, for example, some landscapes,  may have higher prices. Please ask)

Prints 8 x10, 8.5 x 11 and larger are all printed on fine art photo paper. For specialty papers and canvas prices may be higher.

4×6 $6.50
5×7 $10.00
8×8 $12.50
8×10/8.5×11 $20
11×14 $35
12×18 $52.50
16×20 $73.00
20×30 $107.40
Large sizes Ask for estimate


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