Portraits of the speakers at the Kitimat The North Matters forum

The North Matters group held a forum, LNG Myths, Facts & Benefits in Kitimat, BC, on May 2, 2018.

Here are the portraits of the speakers.

Fort. St. John, BC, Mayor Lori Ackerman. (Robin Rowland)

Elected chief counsellor of the Haisla Nation Crystal Smith (Robin Rowland)

Kitimat Mayor Phil Germuth. (Robin Rowland)

Energy blogger Vivian Krause. (Robin Rowland)


A snowy Remembrance Day in Kitimat, November 11, 2017

A near blizzard did not stop the people of Kitimat turning out for the Remembrance Day service on November 11, 2017.

Building a snowman before the Remembrance Day service (Robin Rowland)


Laura Mckenzie and Linda Lewis checking the wreaths prior to the service (Robin Rowland)


An RCMP officer leads the colour party (Robin Rowland)


The colour party (Robin Rowland)


The RCMP march to the cenotaph. (Robin Rowland)


The invocation, left to right, Dwight Magee, Royal Canadian Legion, Rev. Dr. Dona Lethbridge, Legion chaplain, Marg Bogaert, Royal Canadian Legion. (Robin Rowland)


Cubs and scouts at the Remembrance Day service (Robin Rowland)


Lucy Beatty of the Royal Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary lowers the flag during the two minutes of silence (Robin Rowland)

A moment of silence. (Robin Rowland)


Veteran Jason Parrill lays a wreath on behalf of Canada. (Robin Rowland)


Anne Berrisford lays a memorial wreath  for Captain (Chaplain)  D. Schmidt. (Robin Rowland)


A cub lays a wreath. (Robin Rowland)


Mayor Phil Germuth lays a wreath. (Robin Rowland)


The wreaths (Robin Rowland)

A Mountie salutes during the playing of O Canada. (Robin Rowland)

Kitimat celebrates Canada Day 2015



The winning float in the 2015 Kitimat Canada parade from the Community Supper Club. (Robin Rowland)
canadaday1Staff Sergeant Phil Harrison who is retiring from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police leads the Canada Day parade.  (Robin Rowland)

Kitimat Fire and Rescue. (Robin Rowland)

Kitimat Fire and Rescue. (Robin Rowland)


Kitimat Marine Rescue Society (Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue SAR 63) still affectionately known as “Snowflake Responder”  (Robin Rowland)


Mayor Phil Germuth. (Robin Rowland)


Rio Tinto Alcan’s Gaby Poirier leads the RTA entry in the parade.  (Robin Rowland)


Kids enjoy the parade. (Robin Rowland)


The Haisla Nation Spirit of Kitlope Dancers. (Robin Rowland)

(Robin Rowland)
(Robin Rowland)
The gymnastics club. (Robin Rowland)


Handing out goodies to spectators along the parade route. (Robin Rowland)


The Canada Day cake at Riverlodge ready for cutting. (Robin Rowland)


Later on the afternoon of Canada Day, a wildfire broke out on the hydro transmission corridor near the Rio Tinto Alcan smelter. It was contained a couple of days later. (Robin Rowland)


Fireworks. (Robin Rowland)


Fireworks. (Robin Rowland)