I am the author of six books and several short stories. I’m currently working on new fiction and non fiction projects.

The Scream of the Forest is my new photobook that features images from my exhibit of my eight-year project, photographing a knot on a rotten stump that resembled Edvard Munch’s famous painting The Scream. The subtitle is “A Tale of Environmental Catastrophe” that marks the fact that our forests are screaming.

The photobook is available from Blurb. This link opens in a new window on my photography site.


Tricky Things (Crossroads of Darkover)  May 2018

Dragon Hunter (Citadels of Darkover)   May 2019

Aranzazu Banks (Canadian Dreadful) June 2019

Mother of Stars (Dreaming the Goddess)  December  2020


A River Kwai Story The Sonkrai TribunalA River Kwai Story The Sonkrai Tribunal

This book is about 7,000 British and Australian prisoners of war who were slaves in the worst POW camp on the River Kwai, building the infamous Burma Thailand Railway. A River Kwai Story also tells the story of the war crimes trials that followed and what those trials mean today by showing how the Bush administration ignored the lessons and law that came from the post war trials.

A River Kwai Story The Sonkrai Tribunal

ISBN No  9781741144222


How to find what you want online or offline

Creative Guide to Research

Career Press ISBN 1-56414-442-9

A resource book for Internet researchers

(published Fall 2000, the pre-Google era)



Creative Guide to Research Arabic edition

The Creative Guide to Research: How to Find to What You Need…Online or Offline. Arabic edition, published January 2003 ISBN 977–5919-64-9




The Complete Guide to Finding,

Evaluating and Organizing Information Effectively

Researching on the Internet
By Robin Rowland and Dave Kinnaman.

Prima Publishers ISBN 0-76150063-4

The first popular guide to doing research on the Internet, getting ready, finding what you need and then evaluating and organizing what you do find.



Cases of the RCMP’s Most Secret Operative

Undercover Cases of the RCMP's Most Secret OperativeBy James Dubro and Robin Rowland

McClelland and Stewart Inc. ISBN 07710-2902-2

The true story of Frank Zaneth, the first — and best — undercover operative in the history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.



Rocco Perri and the Women Who Ran His Rackets

King of the Mob Rocco Perri and the Women Who Ran His RacketsBy James Dubro and Robin Rowland

Penguin ISBN 0-14-009823-2

The true story of Rocco Perri, “Canada’s Al Capone,” who controlled Ontario’s Prohibition rackets and supplied Canada and the United States with booze. Meet Bessie Perri, Rocco’s common law wife and the first Jewish woman to boss an Italian mob!