Plays and scripts

During the 1980s, I wrote three radio plays for CBC, “A Truthful Witness”, “King of the Bootleggers”, and “Hot Coffee.”

“A Truthful Witness” my first radio play was written for The Scales of Justice, hosted by the late prominent Canadian lawyer Eddie Greenspan, produced by the late George Jonas with associate producer the now prominent fantasy writer Guy Gavriel Kay. It was broadcast June 30, 1985.


An audio recording of “A Truthful Witness” was recently posed on Youtube by “The Unpopular Archive.”

Original June 1985 promo for A Truthful Witness as it appeared in the CBC Radio Guide magazine.

























The next radio play was “King of the Bootleggers” co-written with James Dubro, produced by the late Barry Morgan, starring the late Bruno Gerussi as Rocco Perri, Barbara Budd as Bessie Perri and Stephen Ouimette as Dave Armaly. It was broadcast on Morningside Drama in the last week of January 1986. (The original broadcast were interrupted by coverage of the Challenger space shuttle disaster. The complete episodes were later rebroadcast. The success of this radio play led to the publication of the books King of the Mob and Undercover.
The third radio play “Hot Coffee” appeared on Morningside drama in 1987.  It was a near future science fiction radio play that predicted today’s computerized stock market.