Birds in the fog on a sunny morning in Kitamaat Village

Fly past. A bald eagle passes some mallard ducks in flight over Kitimat harbour. (Robin Rowland)


A flock of mallards fly over Kitimat harbour. (Robin Rowland)

A “murder of crows” fly toward Kitamaat Village from the Kitimat harbour. (Robin Rowland)


A crow comes in for landing on the shores of Kitamaat Village. (Robin Rowland)


The beach at Kitamaat Village as the tide begins to recede with the sun shining on the fog in Kitmat harbour. (Robin Rowland)

A pair of bald eagles find perches on a old snag on the Kitamaat Village waterfront. (Robin Rowland)


A sparrow hides in the long grass and wildflowers in the Kitamaat Village seawall (Robin Rowland)

Thanksgiving Dinner at my feeders

So I had some interesting visitors at my bird feeders for Thanksgiving Dinner today.


I think this is a gorgeous male red winged blackbird.

570-2bidsDSC00261.jpgThe redwinged blackbird and his mate on my deck beam.

571-BB_DSC00335.jpgThe BC redwinged blackbird is is somewhat different from the birds I photographed in Ontario, that at first I didn’t recognize it.  This bird has a yellow tuft and the red isn’t as prominent, so that is why I am not certain (Comments please if I need a correction)

572-bbbird2.jpgThis female does look like the red-winged blackbirds in my bird books.

573-stellarjayoct10.jpgThe stellar jays that live in the cedar trees around my house are regular visitors.

574-crow1.jpgA crow prances on my deck.

Earlier on the weekend

And there were visitors who were also my guests for an earlier dinner.

A northern flicker samples the suet.


The northern flicker perches on top of the suet feeder.

577-crowoct3.jpgAnother crow at the suet.

Dark-eyed or Oregon juncos at the suet feeder.

579-savannahsparrow.jpgA Savannah sparrow samples the suet.


The local stellar jays on the deck feeder.