Kitimat snow

Snowmaggeden? Not for Kitimat, but still a bit too much snow

Robin Rowland 
The snow storm starts to get nasty January 21, 11:21 pm.

It’s been snowing in Kitimat since Friday. With Kitimat called “Snow Valley” and the word Kitamaat meaning  “people of the snow” in the language of the Tshmishian First Nation, snow in Kitimat is not usually news.

The gauge at the FireHall says 91 centimetres between 6 pm Friday and 9 am Monday.

Environment Canada records 18 cm on Jan, 20,  40 cm on Jan. 21, with figures for Jan. 22 and 23.  There is an Environment Canada weather warning for Kitimat for today and tonight, calling for a total of 35 cm in the current 24 hours.

Snowmaggeden? Certainly a small amount of snow would be snowmaggeden in the big cities, especially down in the US.  Here, so far, it’s been just a bit much. When it takes 90 minutes to dig out your driveway, well, let’s say, people aren’t happy.

Photographs in chronological order


back Jan 22 1023
My back deck, Jan 22 10:25 am
Jan 22 snowcovered car
My car, covered in snow, Jan, 22, 10:30 am
Jan 22 - house
My house, Jan. 22 at 10:30 am
Snow clearing Jan 22 2012
Snow clearing on my street Jan. 22 11:32 am
Storm continues Jan 22 504 pm
The snow storm continues, Jan. 22, 5:04 pm
Backyard Jan 23 1006
The back deck, Jan 23, 10:06 am
Snow covered car Jan 23
The view from my garage door. My snow covered car Jan, 23, 10:13 am
Snow covered house Jan 23
The snow covered house, Jan 23, 10:14 am
Snow clearing Jan 23
Snow clearing Jan. 23. 10:14 am
Snow covered house Jan 23
After more than ah hour of digging out the driveway. 11:46 am

A bit of an explanation here. The snow clearing crews grade the road, leaving a large ridge of snow in the middle of the road. Then the District snowblower comes along and sends the snow into those big piles of snow in everyone’s front yard. With me, the wind blows the snow over the retaining wall on the right side of my driveway, making clearing even more of a hassle

Snow bank
A fire hydrant and the pole that marks it are buried under the snow

There’s a fire hydrant in front of my house. Normally in winter it is marked by a large stake and District crews normally come to dig it out. So far there’s been so much snow, the hydrant hasn’t been dug out.

Beauty shot jan 23
Still the trees still look beautiful. Jan. 23 11:47 am

It’s still snowing! (More to come)

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