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Tuesday, January 22, 2008
  Kwai, Afghanistan links
A couple of quick links.

Front Line
Front LineAn audio slideshow for with photographs from a forward operating base in Afghanistan
by award winning photographer Louie Palu.

Front Line
Photography and audio by Louie Palu
Reporter/editor James Cudmore
Producer Robin Rowland

Cecil Brett

Cecil Brett is one of the key characters in A River Kwai Story. Brett was the intelligence officer who wrote the official analysis and history of the Burma Thailand Railway at the end of the Second World War. Brett was a Canadian intelligence officer assigned to a special allied unit in South East Asia.

From 1963 to his retirement in 1983, Brett was a professor at Monmouth College in Illinois.
Here is a mention of A River Kwai Story from the Monmouth College faculty Pipeline for Jan. 19-25. The page is not archived so here is what it says:

Cecil Brett featured in new book

A former faculty member's pre-Monmouth College experiences are featured in Robin Rowland's new book, "A River Kwai Story: The Sonkrai Tribunal."

Cecil Brett, who taught government and history at Monmouth from 1963 to 1983 and was director of the East Asian Studies program, also did post-World War II intelligence work on the Burma Thailand Railway, which Rowland says is a "significant part" of his book, which will be released in Australia this April.

In a communication to the college, Rowland thanked MC history professor Stacy Cordery for her help in his research.

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