Kitimat Dragon Boat Races, July 2, 2011

434-Rowland_Kitimat Dtagon Boat Race web 01.jpg

The annual Kitimat Dragon Boat races were held at Minette Bay on July 2, 2011. The day began in pouring rain and gradually began to clear in the afternoon and by the finals in the afternoon, it was sunny and warm.
435-Rowland_Kitimat Dragon Boat Race web 02.jpg

Putting on the PFD as the crews prepare for the first race.

451-Rowland_Kitimat Dragon Boat Race web 03a.jpgRacing onto the dock for the first race.
437-Rowland_Kitimat Dtagon Boat Race web 04.jpg
Heading out beyond the logs to the race course.
453-Rowland_Kitimat Dragon Boat Race 21.jpg

At the starting line at the other side of Minette Bay.
439-Rowland_Kitimat DRagon Boat Race 05.jpg
Changing crews after a race.
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441-Rowland_Kitimat DRagon Boat Race web 07.jpg
442-Rowland_Kitimat DRagon Boat Race 08.jpg
443-Rowland_Kitimat Dragon Boat Race 09.jpg
The Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary-Pacific Unit 63 Snowflake Responder keeps an eye on the races.
444-Rowland_Kitimat Dragon Boat Race web10.jpg
452-Rowland_Kitimat Dragon Boat Race 20.jpg The crews take a break.

446-Rowland_Kitimat Dragon Boat Race 13.jpg
447-Rowland_Kitimat Dragon Boat Race 14.jpg
448-Rowland_Kitimat DRagon Boat Race 15.jpg
The final race to the finish line.
449-Rowland_Kitimat Dragon Boat Race 016.jpg
After the formal final, the finalists competed a second time in the “Guts and Glory” Race.
450-Rowland_Kitimat Dragon Boat Race 17.jpg
Heading home after the Guts and Glory race.