Kitimat BC election all candidates meeting May 1, 2013

Robin Rowland 

Kitmat all candidates meeting

The candidates from three of the major provincial parties in Skeena riding in the 2013 British Columbia election participated in an all candidates meeting Wednesday, May 1, 2013. NDP candidate and MLA incumbent Robin Austin makes a point while Conservative candidate Mike Brousseau and Carol Leclerc listen.


Robin Austin at all candidates meeting

Robin Austin listens to a question at the all candidates meeting.

Carol Leclerc at all candidates meeting

Liberal Carol Leclerc makes a point.

Mike Brousseau listens to a question

Mike Brousseau listens to a questioner.

Mike Brousseau answers.

Conservative Mike Brousseau answers a question.

Carol Leclerc listens to question

Liberal Carol Leclerc listens to a question.

Robin Austin answers a question

Robin Austin answers a question.

Mike Brousseau leaves the stage

Mike Brousseau, the Conservative candidate leaves the stage at the Mt. Elizabeth Theatre following an all candidates meeting in Kitimat, BC, May 1, 2013 In the background, NDP candidate Robin Austin of the NDP, the incumbent MLA, centre, chats with Trish Parsons of the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce, left, and Liberal candidate, Carol LeClerc, right

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