Splish, splash, the pine grosbeak are taking a bath

Robin Rowland 

Female and male pine grosbeak in a drainage ditch

On my morning walk, there are lots of small birds flying around and they’re often hard to catch with a camera. Today, walking down Haisla Hill in Kitimat, the birds settled into a muddy drainage ditch. Here you see a female, left, and male, right with the bright red feathers, enjoying the flow of water in the ditch.They’re pine grosbeak (Pinicola enucleator) members of the finch family.

Four pine grosbeak in the ditch

A second pair of pine grosbeak join the others in the muddy ditch.

Grosbeak splash in a ditch

Splish splash, the pine grosbeak are enjoying their bath.

Male pine grosbeak in a tree

After his bath, the male pine grosbeak, looks down from a tree with the first spring leaf buds.

Female pine grosbeak on a spring branch

Here’s the female.

Female pine grosbeak

You lookin’ at me?

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Robin Rowland