Canada Day, Kitimat, BC, July 1, 2016

Robin Rowland 


Two women dressed as suffragettes hold a Canadian flag during the Canada Day parade in Kitimat, July 1, 2016. The theme for the parade marked one hundred years of the woman’s vote in Canada. (Robin Rowland)



The parade began in heavy rain. (Robin Rowland)


Mayor Phil Germuth wields water guns during the parade. Everyone was soaked anyway in the pouring rain. (Robin Rowland)


A cartoon by Kitimat resident Gerry Hummel celebrates the suffrage movement in Canada. (Robin Rowland)



Another float also celebrates women’s suffrage. (Robin Rowland)


A woman marcher also celebrates women’s suffrage. (Robin Rowland)


The Spirit of Kitlope Dancers. (Robin Rowland)


Councillor Rob Goffinet marches in the parade. (Robin Rowland)


A small boy with Canadian flags rides a pony. (Robin Rowland)


The Unifor float. (Robin Rowland)


A boy in a soapbox race car. (Robin Rowland)


A large float urging approval of the LNG Canada project represents an LNG tanker. (Robin Rowland)


The District of Kitimat and Mayor Phil Germuth honoured former Kitimat Daily editor Walter McFarlane for his 10 years of service to the region as a journalist. (Robin Rowland)


Phil Germuth granted former mayor Joanne Monaghan with the Freedom of the District of Kitmat. (Robin Rowland)

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