The Toronto Red Rocket retires

The Toronto Red Rocket retires

A TTC streetcar on the Queen Street bridge over the Don River, Nov. 15, 2008. (Robin Rowland)

Sunday, Dec. 29, 2019, was the last day of service for the Toronto “red rocket” CLRV streetcars that have been in service for 40 years. So I decided to look through my files for some memorable photographs of the iconic streetcars.

Streetcar at King and University during a snow storm, Feb, 6. 2008. (Robin Rowland)

Street car on Queen St. East, Sept. 25, 2008. (Robin Rowland)

Streetcar in the snow, Dec. 16, 2007. (Robin Rowland)

A streetcar in heavy snow on Broadview Avenue, Dec. 16. 2007. (Robin Rowland)