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Monday, October 03, 2005
  CBC 134: Here be dragons and Dalet

Antonia Zerbisias of the Star has just posted her take on the end of the lockout in Poop Deck.

Money quote:

The locked out CBC workers proved that the corporation is not about managers with expense account lunches and fancy perks. It's about passionate people who carry on their public service even if they are not getting paid for it. They must now use their demonstrated solidarity and grit to repair and rebuild CBC into a national institution that all Canadians value. They must do that in spite of some of the managers who are little more than careerists who have never produced a frame of video or a single sound bite and wouldn't know an Avid from an Advil.

She concludes by quoting "Captain Hook" who comments on Drone's website and says.
But it seems to me like we are a crew going back to the ship after a long time at port. The place is a mess, the sails are in tatters and the map has been lost. We'll be expected to clean up the mess, and then set sail once again... following the directives of the same bunch of drunken pirates who ran us aground in the first place.

To which Antonia adds: "Time for some folks to walk the plank."

Aaaaaaaaaagh Matey, I'm not so sure Hook's analogy is the right one.

We've sailed round the Horn, seen the seas where "here be dragons" and defeated them with Dalet, sailed up and blasted broadsides, even if it was with blogs, not blunderbuses. The crew took sloops and small boats through a storm under a jury rig. Now we're back in port, the sails are tattered, the hulls are cracked and patched, supplies have almost run out. But that crew has seen such wonders that it has changed them for ever. That may not become apparent the first day they step shore and the doors are unlocked at the Admiralty. But it will bit by bit by bit....and if not on the good ship CBC, on other ships on the media seas.

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