Phil Germuth takes over as Kitimat mayor, new council sworn in

Phil Germuth sworn in

Kitimat’s new mayor, Phil Germuth (left) sworn in by Chief Administrative Officer Ron Poole (far right) as RCMP Sgt. Graham Morgan and Staff Sergeant Phil Harrison watch. (Robin Rowland)


The new District of Kitimat Council was sworn in at a special ceremony at the Council Chambers at Northwest Community College in Kitimat, Monday, December 1, 2014.

Mario Feldhoff

Mario Feldhoff reads the oath of office. (Robin Rowland)

Rob Goffinet

Councillor Rob Goffinet with Sgt. Morgan and Staff Sgt. Harrison.
Edwin Empinado

Councillor Edwin Empinado celebrates being elected for a second term. (Robin Rowland)


Claire Rattée

Ron Poole swears in new councillor, tattoo artist Claire Rattée. (Robin Rowland)


Larry Walker

New councillor Larry Walker prepares to sign his oath of office. (Robin Rowland)

Phil Germuth

The new mayor, Phil Germuth gives his inaugural address. (Robin Rowland)

Kitimat Council 2014

The 2014 District of Kitimat Council, (left to right) Councillor Edwin Empinado, Councillor Larry Walker, Councillor Mario Feldhoff, Mayor Phil Germuth, Councillor Rob Goffinet, Councillor Claire Rattée and Councillor Mary Murphy, with Sgt. Graham Morgan and Staff Sgt. Phil Harrison.

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