“It’s not a costume” Racism protest in Kitimat

On Monday, Nov. 1, 2021, a student at Kitimat’s Mount Elizabeth Middle Secondary School wore traditional regalia for picture day. At that time a teacher allegedly asked the student “What’s the costume.” This led to a protest against racism the following day by indigenous and non-indigenous students supported by members of the Haisla Nation and Kitimat residents on Nov. 2.

Members of the Haisla Nation and supporters from Kitimat gathered at Mount Elizabeth Middle Secondary School on Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021 (Robin Rowland)

Greg Smith and his grandson Greg Bolton at the protest. (Robin Rowland)

Students, many in regalia, supported the protest. (Robin Rowland)

Students supported the protest. (Robin Rowland)

Shelley Bolton of the Haisla Braid Singers led the group in protest songs. (Robin Rowland)

Elders and residential school survivors joined the protest despite the poor weather. (Robin Rowland)

Video: Story I shot for Global News.‘It’s not a costume’: B.C. teacher’s alleged mocking of student’s Indigenous regalia sparks protest

Statement from the Haisla Nation (on the school board site)

Statement from Coast Mountain School District 82