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Friday, September 30, 2005
  Journalism: The next generation speaks---and you better listen

Just found this excellent blog from journalism students in Quebec in a link on a comment on Antonia Zerbisias's latest posting on the CBC.

It's called The Pod. Not much there as yet but if it continues (as school assignnments pile up etc.) it will show us what the next generation of J students are thinking about the media. And as the study I posted about earlier today shows, in the age of blogs, the next generation aren't going to be afraid to say what they think and they aren't like most of the aging CBCphobes, anonymous.

And as for working as casuals
Sikander Hashmi writes:
I've got news for Mr. Rabinovitch.

We don't dream of spending six months or a year at the CBC. We dream long-term. We don't like uncertainty. We want stability so that we can pursue our passion while earning a decent living, enabling us to raise families and live a stable life.

If someone else offers that, we'll probably go for it.

End result: Rabinovitch will be left mostly with those who have no choice, which won't be a happy bunch. Unhappy kids working for a unloving mom is not a recipe for a good product.

In one of my original posts I said that before the lockout the CBC was losing talented young people to Teachers College, MBA courses and the family business.

Now the message that the triumvirate and the grand vizier have been sending for the past seven weeks has hit home. You want a decent job, don't apply to the CBC.

Check Sikander Hashmi's blog profile, age 23, second year student, running a blog and an editor on two websites, and And his two colleague have equally interesting profiles.

That's the kind of potential they're driving away from CBC.

Footnote: And as a former Ry J-prof, I would like to see equally hard-hitting stuff from the other J-schools.

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