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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
  CBC Blogging Manifesto
Although I haven't blogged much about the CBC since the end of the lockout, The Garret Tree is aimed at talking about writing, and my writing projects, I do support the CBC Blogging Manifesto, as agreed by Ouimet and my fellow CBC bloggers.

The CBC Blogging Manifesto Blog

If you blog about the CBC, it's assumed that you are doing so out of love and perhaps frustration.

It's only natural. The CBC is a wonderful institution with a long, proud history, going through an interesting and difficult time. By blogging about the CBC your colleagues, senior management, and the public will all be enriched by your expert opinion. Your insight, experience, and will will only help the world at large better understand a corporation that at times appears stodgy, arrogant, and faceless.

For better or for worse, you are representing the CBC when you blog about it. Keep this in mind with every word.

1. Use common sense and don't do anything stupid. Blog to make the CBC better, not to kill it.
There are plenty of others who want to do that for us.

2. Ad hominem attacks should be avoided but disagreeing is expected.

3. Be brave. Be honest and tell it straight. Talk about new ideas and revive some old ones. Don't be afraid to challenge the “experts,” and certainly not the anonymous ones.

4. Use audio, video and images fearlessly, but responsibly. Use judgment if asked to take it down.

5. Acknowledge and link to your sources. If it is a rumour, say so. If your co-worker says something you'd like blog, ask them first. If it was another website, link to it. Do your research. Be fair. Get it right. And change it if it is wrong.

6. Blog wherever and whenever you want, but don’t let it detract from your job.

7. Eschew advertising. Plugging the CBC, yourself, and your work is cool. Banner ads are tacky.

8. During the next strike or lockout, you may feel urged to ignore any or all of these guidelines. Do so at your own risk, knowing that your words can harm yourself, others, and the CBC itself.

I will note, as I noted in the preliminary discussion with my fellow bloggers, that I disagree with Item #7, "Eschew advertising." I do link to Amazon from all blogs on this site. And for a growing minority of successful bloggers, especially those who are self-employed, advertising is a needed source of revenue, especially in era when many major publishing and media companies demand all rights from a writer for not very much money. That's why a lot of writers are turning to blogging.

That is one reason I have decided to occasionally blog how I am working on my model railway in the Wampo, Nieke and Sonkrai. The model railroading magazines demand all rights, for not that much money. It's easier just to blog.
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