Canada Day Parade in Kitimat, July 1, 2012

Canada Day Parade in Kitimat, July 1, 2012

Legion, RCMP lead the parade

The Royal Canadian Legion and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police lead the Canada Day parade in Kitimat, BC, July 1, 2012. (Robin Rowland)

Snowflake Responder

The Kitimat Marine Rescue Society’s Snowflake Responder in the Canada Day Parade. (Robin Rowland)

Bechtel golf cart

Bechtel, which is building the Rio Tinto Alcan Kitimat Modernization Project had a small fleet of golf carts in the parade. (Robin Rowland)

Drummer in dragon boat

A young drummer in the Rio Tinto Alcan dragon boat. (Robin Rowland)

Douglas Channel Watch and Mayor Joanne Monaghan

Members of the environmental group Douglas Channel Watch march with blow-up Orcas, as Kitimat mayor Joanne Monaghan follows in a convertible. (Robin Rowland)

Kitimat mayor Joanne Monaghan (Robin Rowland)

Nathan Cullen waves to the crowd

Nathan Cullen, NDP for Skeena Bulkley Valley, and NDP House Leader waves to spectators while marching in the Kitimat Canada Day parade. (Robin Rowland)

International Peace Day contingent

The International Peace Day contingent in the Canada Day parade. (Robin Rowland)

Terrace Riverboat Day floatTwo girls, part of the Terrace Riverboat Days float, run to distribute candy to Kitimat’s children. (Robin Rowland)


Quad from the Kitimat Rod and Gun


A guad from the Kitimat Rod and Gun Association (Robin Rowland)


Stop, Drop & Read

Stop, Drop and Read (Robin Rowland)

Canadian Auto Workers float

The Canadian Auto Workers float in the Canada Day parade. The CAW is currently in tough negotiations for a new contract with Rio Tinto Alcan. (Robin Rowland)


Girls and dogs

Girls and dogs march with the Kitimat Humane Society (Robin Rowland)

Kids on horses

Children on horses conclude the Canada Day parade (Robin Rowland)