Fall colours along the Skeena

Fall colours along the Skeena

Cottonwood and alders along the Skeena

The falls colours along the Skeena can be fleeting. For a while the cottonwoods are changing, while the alders remain green or begin to change to yellow. A few days later, the time I drove along the Skeena in the middle of October 2013, the tall black cottonwoods have quickly lost their leaves, while the alders (and occasionally birch) along the river banks shine bright yellow in the afternoon sun.

Fall colours on the Skeena

Loon on the Skeena

Fall on the Skeena

Far from the sea, a seal (front right) swims up the Skeena, Oct. 16, 2013.

Fall colours on the Skeena

Bare cottonwoods on the banks of the Skeena

Bare black cottonwoods on a beach along the Skeena.


Bare cottonwoods on the Skeena


The bare cottonwoods

Sun sets on the Skeena

The sunsets on the Skeena near Terrace, BC, Oct. 16, 2013.