Kitimat, BC, honours Jack Layton

504-rowland_layton8.jpgThe people of Kitimat, BC came together Saturday  Aug 27, 2011, with Canadians across the country to honour the late NDP  leader Jack Layton,  gathering at  the local Canadian Autoworkers Union hall to watch the broadcast of the state funeral .  Here Kitimat Councillors Randy Halyk (left) and Corinne Scott (far right) join the crowd in clapping as  Lorraine Segato sings “Rise Up” at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto.




A single red rose was placed on the table used for the television projector.






Watching as the Rev. Brent Hawkes of Toronto’s Metropolitan Community Church delivers the sermon.



Kitimat Mayor Joanne Monaghan worked closely with Jack Layton when both were officers of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.



Councillor Randy Halyk cracks a smile as Sarah Layton tells amusing stories about her late father.



Environmental activist Dieter Wagner of Douglas Channel Watch.



Councillor Rob Goffinet honoured Layton with an orange NDP tie.


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