Fall feeding frenzy in my backyard

Fall feeding frenzy in my backyard

I looked out into my back garden on the morning of October 2, 2019 to see more flocks of birds flying around in an early October downpour. Far more birds than I expected. It is bear season and there are more black bears around town than usual, which means my feeders are currently empty. No matter, the birds were concentrating on a mountain ash tree in the backyard.

In less than a hour I visited by a raven, a varied thrush, a northern flicker, steller jays, juncos and too many robins to count. I managed to get good photographs of the robins, the raven, the northern flicker and the varied thrush. I had no luck capturing the juncos and steller jays. I didn’t see any sparrows.

A robin grabs a mountain ash berry. (Robin Rowland)

I used two cameras for this shoot. I normally keep an older Sony Alpha 55 with a Tamron 70-300 lens on my dining room table all the time to shoot birds in the garden. Once I realized that the feeding was going to continue for a while I grabbed my Sony RX10-iii which has a 24 to 600 lens.

The raven (Robin Rowland)

American robin at the top of the mountain ash (Robin Rowland)

A robin grabs a berry from the top of the mountain ash. (Robin Rowland)

A pair of robins at the top of the mountain ash (Robin Rowland)

Varied thrush. (Robin Rowland)

A robin perches in the mountain ash. (Robin Rowland)

This morning the garden was quiet, so it looks like that for some reason, the gathering only happened yesterday,