It was a dark and stormy morning

Robin Rowland 
A view of Kitimat during an early morning power outage, Dec.26, 2023. (Robin Rowland)

It is interesting the kind of photographs that people like.   Early on Dec. 26, Boxing Day, there was a power outage mostly in the Kildala neighborhood here in Kitimat, after a stormy, windy and rainy night,

People on social media were asking question, so I went to a window and used my Android phone to take a quick shot as an indicator,.  Most of the Kildala neighborhood is dark, except the hospital to the right which, of course, has a generator and perhaps some other buildings in the mall.

The Rio Tinto aluminum smelter, which has its own power supply is lit up. But the LNG Canada site apepars dark.  The big tower has no bright red aircraft warning lights.  (See earlier moon shots for the bright red lights).

The power came back about a half hour after the photo was taken,

The photo was posted on both my personal Facebook page and the Kitimat awareness group page.

What surprised me that the photo got so many likes on personal page from friends across Canada and a good many likes on the awareness page, more than sometimes the more interesting landscape shots I have posed.

Taken with a Galaxy S23 with the raw enhanced app Expert Raw which is a free add on downloadable.

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Robin Rowland