Polar vortex January 2024, the view from my window

Robin Rowland 

There was a polar vortex over most of western North America for the past few days, with temperatures in Kitimat from -16 C with windchills as much as -30 at times. I did not venture out into the cold. All the photographs were taken from my upstairs bedroom with my Samsung Android S23, with the raw enhancement. One exception are the photos of the sea smoke which I took with my Sony Alpha 55 with the Tamron 70 to 300 lens.

Janury 14, 2024, 5:06 pm
A silvery 11.1% waxing new moon in clear, cold skies at sunset. (Robin Rowland)


January 14. 8:06 am
Icy dawn in Kitimat. (Robin Rowland)
Just after noon, January 13, 12:06 pm. Clear, cold skies with the sun at the zenith. (Robin Rowland)
The frigid temperatures meant “ice smoke” was rising from Douglas Channel. January 13, 9:36 am. (Robin Rowland)
Extreme cold in Kitimat  (Robin Rowland)
January 13 at 8:33 a.m. A few brave birds high in the sky. (Robin Rowland)
Sunset, January 12. 4:08 pm. (Robin Rowland)
First light of dawn on the mountains, January 10. 9:21 pm. (Robin Rowland)

Some views before the polar vortex moved in.

Early morning January 9, at 9:32 (Robin Rowland)
A 29% waning moon over Kitimat and Douglas Channel., January 6, 9:24 a.m. (Robin Rowland)
Fog in Kitimat, January 6, 8:28 (Robin Rowland)



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