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Friday, October 07, 2005
  The torch has passed.....

It was once said that one year on the Net was five years in the real world.

It may be that 50 days in blogosphere are now a generation in the real world.

The torch is already passing to a new generation of journalists. If CBC management is still wondering what do with all that happened in those 50 plus days of lockout, they are not alone. The rest of the Canadian media and other Canadian media managers are already under scrutiny from talents much younger....

A link check on my site this morning shows that there is a new voice in the Canadian media blogosphere:

The Fine Young Journalist

He's colleague, not CBC:
I'm a young Canadian journalist, working for a major media outlet in a major Canadian city. I'm going to stay anonymous, at least for now, because, well, I'm skittish. I don't know what my bosses would think of this. I don't intend to slag them, because I like where I work, but I might need to criticize them from time to time and I want to feel free to do it.

I'm not a typical young Canadian journalist: I have a full-time permanent job, the kind staff at the CBC have recently been fighting to make more of. I've done tours of duty in more than one newsroom along the way, but I had the good luck to grab hold earlier than most people get it.

The CBC lockout is part of what made me decide to start this blog. I'd been thinking about it for awhile, but having followed the "labour disruption" closely, I hope one of the lasting effects of it will be an ongoing re-examination of what Canada has a public broadcaster for. That should include a deeper examination of what The News is and how it should be presented in an era of new technology traditional media haven't learned how to embrace. I want to be part of that conversation.

This guy knows stuff I don't. It was his response to my post about Brightcove on the Creative Guide to Research that led me back. So I am hoping he keeps it up because I've already bookmarked that blog.

There's also The Pod, from Quebec journalism students, which I mentioned earlier. (Not many posts, but as former J-prof I know J-students can be busy at times. Keep it going Pod folks)

Justin Beach is getting his new site up and running.

It now appears that the CBC lockout may have changed more than just labour relations.
Stay clicked.

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