Christmas bird count in the Kitimat estuary

Robin Rowland 


A great blue heron sits on some debris in Kitimat harbour, during my annual visit to the estuary for the Christmas bird count, Dec. 14, 2014. (Robin Rowland).

There was more late afternoon light than last year .  On the other hand, while my birdwatching colleagues did list lots of species around the area, the photographic opportunities this year were mostly  limited to  great blue herons and Canada geese.


Trumpeter swans in the Kitimat Rver

Trumpeter swans in the oxbow of the Kitimat River. (Robin Rowland)

Mt. Elizabeth and a lagoon in the estuary

Kitimat’s iconic Mt. Elizabeth seen from a lagoon in the Kitimat River estuary. (Robin Rowland)


Canada geese

A Canada goose in a lagoon in the Kitimat River estuary. (Robin Rowland)

Duck in the estuary

A duck in the estuary. (Robin Rowland)

Ducks in the reedsDucks sheltering the reeds of the Kitimat estuary. (Robin Rowland)



A great blue heron comes in for a landing in the Kitimat River estuary, with some Canada geese watching. (Robin Rowland)

Great blue heron in the Kitimat estuary

A great blue heron contemplates the Kitimat River estuary. (Robin Rowland)

Canada geese grazing

Canada geese grazing in the Kitimat River estuary. (Robin Rowland)

Lagoon in the Kitimat estuary

Another view of the lagoon in the Kitimat River estuary. (Robin Rowland)


Birds at Christmas time in Kitimat 2012
Christmas bird count, Kitimat river, estuary and harbour Dec. 17, 2011

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Robin Rowland